The Field Services Solution

Webtracker contains a full suite of tools to provide end-to-end management of your organization's mobile workforce. For more detail please download the Systems Overview document.

Field Services

  • Electronic Work Orders
    • Data feeds or PDF data capture
  • Remote technician connectivity
    • Laptop or PDA handheld
  • Technician Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Technician Routing
  • GPS Tracking and Mapping
  • Jeopardy Management
  • Escalations
  • Electronic Timesheets
    • Can be linked to GPS data
  • Quality Assurance Inspections

Billing and Technician Pay

  • Regional Rate Sheets
  • Piece Rates or Hourly Rates
  • Multiple Pay Tiers
    • Based on performance
  • Techician Advances and Retainers
  • Manual Pay Adjustments
  • Online Technician Pay Details

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse Scanning
  • Assigment to Technicians
  • Automatic tracking of used Inventory
  • Online Real-time Reporting

Customer Surveys

  • Gauge customer satisfaction
    • Use with Drop Cards
  • Online survey results

Human Resources

  • Position Levels and Organizational Hierarchy
  • Employee Skills Database
  • Security Access Levels
  • HR Management Tools

Asset Management

  • Tracking and Reporting of all Assets
  • Assignment by Individual or Branch
  • Includes Fleet Management and Fuel Cards

Purchase Orders

  • Electronic Purchase Orders
  • Online Approval Process
  • Full Reporting and Controls

Materials Management

  • Electronic Materials Catalogue
  • Online Ordering for Technicians
  • Automatic Pay Deductions
  • Online Real-time Reporting

Billing Validation

  • Validation of Payment Remittances
  • Comparison of Payment against Work Orders
  • Preparation of Accounting Adjustments
  • Processing of Chargebacks
  • Backcharges to Technicians


  • Extensive online Reporting
  • Standard and ad-hoc Reports